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Cat Lazaroff – Managing Program Director

Cat Lazaroff x

Most Likely To: Spend happy hours talking politics & conservation.

If I ruled the world: Every roof would be topped with solar panels.

What I’m working on: “Bottom-up” solutions for climate change, clean energy, and conservation issues across the map.

What I bring to the table: Passion for the issues, know-how on the strategy, pragmatism about the tactics, and more than 14 years of communications experience focused on conservation issues.

Path to RM: After stints as an environment reporter and a media staffer for two conservation NGOs, spent two years badgering RM to open a DC office and hire me to run it. Now I need something new for my bucket list…

Proudest win/favorite moment: Watching the State Department, the United Nations, and the Centers for Disease Control retweet our family planning infographic.

Other things I’m passionate about: Vacations in sparsely populated, achingly beautiful places; great wines; dystopian fiction that offers hope that we’ll finds ways to solve all our problems.

office: Washington, D.C.
email: cat [at]
phone: 202-965-6383
twitter: @catlaz