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Mikhaila Fendor – Grants Manager


Most Likely To: be caught in a dance class, binge-waching Netflix documentaries and Youtube videos, or humming random tunes.

If I ruled the world: I’d endeavor to eradicate world hunger by promoting local food growth and sharing economies. Conflict resolution would be a mandatory skill taught to children in elementary schools. 

What I’m working on: Supporting Resource Media’s organizational needs around grants management and development.

What I bring to the table: Perseverance! The ability to stay calm under pressure. The ability to build meaningful relationships. An open mind that is always trying to think of new ideas. 

Path to RM: I had been working as the program assistant at a private foundation when I decided that I’d like the next stop on my career journey to be at a place where I’d have increased responsibility and more opportunities to contribute insight from my own experiences. It was also extremely important to me that my next step was at an organization that was actively and thoughtfully working to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion–at least within its own organization. It seems The Universe heard my request and a serendipitous meeting led me to RM. Now I’m excited about the adventure that we are starting together!

Proudest win/favorite moment: submitting my senior thesis–biggest relief ever!

Other things I’m passionate about: dance, dance, dance! delicious food, mediation, traveling, meditation, music, and how to maintain personal wellness.

office: San Francisco
email: Mikhaila [at]
phone: 415.397.5000 ext. 311