Our People

Sarah Shimazaki
Program Coordinator
Talk and write in a way that encourages the mutual exchange of ideas and acts like a midwife to people birthing their own ideas. - Grace Lee Boggs
Oakland, California
(415) 397-5000 ext 302


Sarah offers support across various projects and teams at Resource Media, contributing ideas and content alike. She is dedicated to tapping into the power of storytelling to amplify voices, inspire change and cultivate connection across issue silos. Whether it's designing a fact sheet, producing short videos or crafting a tweet, she enjoys finding new ways to combine her creativity and digital smarts.

Highlights & Background

While studying Environmental Policy at UC San Diego, Sarah spent time working for a variety of nonprofits, government agencies and student organizations, all connected to environmental and social justice issues. She is also a yoga teacher, grounded in the philosophy that yoga is a tool for life for every body. These same values drive her personal and professional commitment to advancing equity and inclusion in outdoor spaces, environmental movements and yoga communities.