How to craft a compelling story

August 6, 2018

The meeting will be held on Monday, when more than 10,000 guests will gather in Prepexamwell New York. Tami Joan stared at the billboard – black, white and yellow, all 352-001 test smiling and waved. However, this painting seems to be something not quite right. The proportions and color of the characters are ignored, and each face looks the same pale. Tami Joan murmured Learnguidepdf Dead. They are galloping along the wide freeway. Under 210-060 Practice Test Questions the lights, the road reflects a disturbing yellow light. They passed the Learnguidepdf old Navys naval port and again passed the Brooklyn Ferry Terminal. John finally stopped talking, pulled out a calculator from 1Z0-808 Practice Exams 352-001 test Testprepwell 352-001 test Texas Instruments, and started ticking some numbers. Tami Joan leaned back on 1Z0-808 Practice Exams the back of 1Z0-808 Practice Exams the chair looking out Prepexamwell over foggy sidewalks and gloomy faces of those who sat on the brownstone porch overlooking the highway. In the heat, they seem to be in a semi-lethargic state. Taxi is also very Testprepwell hot. Tami Joan reaches for the Prepexamwell window button and wants to lower Learnguidepdf the window a 352-001 test little. The window Prepexamwell did not respond, but she did 1Z0-808 Practice Exams not feel surprised. 1Z0-808 Practice Exams She Prepexamwell reached out across John and went to the other side of Learnguidepdf the window, but he was over there too. At this moment she noticed that the door locks on both sides had disappeared. Not even the door. She groping Testprepwell at the door with her hand to find the remnants of the broken door handle. Nothing at all – as if someone 210-060 Practice Test Questions had sawn it with a hacksaw. What happened John asked. Well, this car door how Prepexamwell do we open it Just as John looked around the door, the logo for 210-060 Practice Test Questions the Midtown Tunnel flashed Testprepwell past. Hi John tapped the partition. You forgot to bend, where are you going Maybe he 352-001 test Testprepwell wants to go to the Queensboro Bridge, Tameng conjectured. 1Z0-808 Practice Exams Although the road to go the Prepexamwell bridge more distant, but can escape the tunnel toll station. She sat forward and beat the plexiglass 1Z0-808 Practice Exams with the ring on Testprepwell her Learnguidepdf hand. Do you 1Z0-808 Practice Exams want to go that bridge The driver ignored them. Hi Not 210-060 Practice Test Questions long after, they passed through the entrance to 1Z0-808 Practice Exams the Queensboro Bridge again. Damn 210-060 Practice Test Questions John shouted. Where are you going to bring us Harlem I bet he is going to take us 210-060 Practice Test Questions to Harlem. Tami Joan looks 210-060 Practice Test Questions out the Testprepwell window. A car is moving forward with them and slowly over 352-001 test them. Learnguidepdf She patted the window. Help She shouts, Help The drivers car glanced 1Z0-808 Practice Exams at her inadvertently, then glanced, frowned. He slowed 352-001 test down and followed behind them. But Testprepwell then suddenly 352-001 test a taxi abrupt, down the exit ramp down the highway, Testprepwell into Queens. Taxis 210-060 Practice Test Questions turn into an alley, galloping over an abandoned warehouse district, at a speed of at least 60 210-060 Practice Test Questions miles. What do you want to do Tamijong tapped the partition. Open slow Where is 210-060 Practice Test Questions 1Z0-808 Practice Exams this Oh, God No John murmured, Look The Learnguidepdf driver did not know Learnguidepdf when to wear a ski boot. What do you want Shouted Tarim Joan. Do you want money We give 210-060 Practice Test Questions you money. The man on the front seat remained silent. Tami Joan opened the 352-001 test bag and removed her black laptop. She leaned back to the side of the window and hit the window hard with a laptop corner. The huge noise seemed to have shocked the driver on the front 352-001 test seat, but the windowpane was fine. Taxi suddenly biased, almost hit the brick wall Prepexamwell of the roadside buildings. Give you money How much I can give Prepexamwell you a lot of money John cried angrily, tears flowing down his obese cheeks. Tami Joan again smashed the window with the Prepexamwell computer. The screen of the computer flew out of the huge impact force, but the windows were 352-001 test still intact. She tried again, the computers fuselage cracked, falling from her hand. Europe, Mom Both of them were suddenly thrown violently forward. 210-060 Practice Test Questions Taxi stopped abruptly Prepexamwell in a dark alley. Driver drilled out of the car, holding a pistol in his hand. Please, please She begged. The driver walked to the back half of the taxi, bent over and looked through the dirty glass to the back seat.

Shakes finally remembered the first of the police officers arriving at the scene to adapt to the fourth rule P is to protect the scene of the murder. Angry horn started flooding the air in the early morning misty, quickly mixed into the drivers roar angry. A moment 1Z0-808 Practice Exams later, Testprepwell she heard sharp sirens also joined Learnguidepdf the dissonant noise, and the first police car arrived. Forty minutes later, the scene was already packed with uniformed police and criminal detectives, more than the usual number of murders in Hells Kitchen the famous Learnguidepdf crime zone Prepexamwell Prepexamwell in New Yorks West End A lot of. In view of the shocking Learnguidepdf death 210-060 Practice Test Questions of the victim, sending so many people does not seem excessive. However, Shakesi heard Learnguidepdf from other police officers that this was a big case and a 210-060 Practice Test Questions media concern – the deceased Testprepwell was one of a group of travelers arriving at Learnguidepdf JFK last night and they made a taxi into the city, But 352-001 test never got home. CNN is Testprepwell 210-060 Practice Test Questions reporting on Testprepwell the spot, the uniformed police officer whispered to her. So when Emilia Shakesh saw the handsome Vince Piriti, the head Learnguidepdf of the Criminal Investigation Testprepwell and Resource Scheduling Team climbed to the Testprepwell top of the Testprepwell embankment overlooking the crime scene and stopped to beat him from time to time It is not particularly surprising when it comes to the dust on suits of thousands of 1Z0-808 Practice Exams dollars. However, she was surprised. Piriti actually Prepexamwell noticed her, and waving 352-001 test her past. He smoothed a little in his shaven clean face. She thought Prepexamwell she would probably be applauded for the extraordinary performance of todays unruffled. 1Z0-808 Practice Exams Well done, saved the fingerprint on the iron ladder Maybe it will give her 210-060 Practice Test Questions a Learnguidepdf little reward. The last hour on duty on the last day. She will leave with glorious glory. He looked up and down at her. Policewoman, you 352-001 test are not a novice, 1Z0-808 Practice Exams right I think I will not mistake. 1Z0-808 Practice Exams Im sorry, sir Youre not a Prepexamwell newbie, Im sure. Strictly speaking, she can not be considered. Although she entered the police 352-001 test only a short period of three years, unlike her other police at this age, most have nine to ten years of seniority. Before entering the police academy, Shakesi had been Learnguidepdf in society for several years. I do not understand what youre trying to ask. 352-001 test He seemed annoyed and the smile on his face disappeared. Are you the first policeman to arrive at the scene Yes, sir.

The power of storytelling is well-documented in the world of communications. Stories have been crafted and shared for millennia, and, though storytelling methods have evolved, stories continue to have a powerful role in the way information is distributed, learned and retained. Storytelling’s staying power boils down to two pretty simple reasons:

  1. Stories are how we humans make sense of the world.
  2. Stories are how the world can make sense of your work, be it a specific policy concern or simply better understanding a complex issue.

Sharing your information through stories – whether in a presentation at a meeting, via your website or any other communication – will make it more likely that your audience will remember your message, and take the action you want them to take.

Resource Media has led storytelling trainings across the country and we are excited to share our story development process with you through this two-page storytelling worksheet. We’ve broken down stories into each of their components.

Have fun brainstorming ideas for stories – talk to your staff who work in the communities. Who inspires them? Who has a transformative experience that relates to the solutions your organization is pushing? Who have you helped or witnessed overcoming big or small challenges?

We welcome you to reach out to us at Resource Media with your questions or to share your light bulb moments, or to go deeper into storytelling training.

Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash