Donna Rodriguez

April 23, 2014

Most Likely To: Be cooking, because you can’t come to my home and not eat. Company and conversation around the kitchen table is always the best!

If I ruled the world: There would be no bullying, people would be kind to one another, teachers would earn a fantastic salary, there would be a cure for cancer, parents would feel safe to let their kids play outside, kids would actually play outside, video games would only be played at arcades and people would know their neighbors.

What I’m working on: My goal is to make sure that everyone here at RM has their administrative needs met and that we work in a comfortable and welcoming environment. I’m happy to be a part of RM and looking forward to helping the team help others.

What I bring to the table: Over 18 years of administrative experience, a positive outlook, a ‘can do’ spirit, friendship and creativity

Path to RM: I worked for corporations for over 15 years and came to the realization that improving the common good in society was really what I want to be focused on. My way of helping is to be here at RM making sure that we make a difference in the world one step, one word document, one excel spreadsheet and one goal at a time. I’m excited to see what the future holds for RM.

Proudest win/favorite moment: Setting a goal to help feed the homeless in San Francisco one meal one day a month for a year and being well on my way to accomplishing my goal with the help of my family and friends, in 5 months we have been able to give away almost 300 lunches. My absolute biggest win is knowing that by setting positive examples for children and showing them the process of setting and accomplishing the goal that anything is possible and there’s nothing they can’t do.

Other things I’m passionate about: Art, samba dancing, cooking, recycling, gardening, documentaries and making jewelry.

office: San Francisco
email:  Donna[at]
phone: 415.397.5000 x 302