Welcome to Our New Website

August 22, 2012

After so many years helping partners tell their stories, we thought it was about time to tell our own.  We are delighted to welcome you to Resource Media’s new website!

Clicking around these pages, you can explore who we are, some of the work we’ve done, and downloadable tools for navigating and engaging today’s dynamic media landscape.  You can check out the company we keep and the lasting impact from our collaborations with mission-driven organizations across the country and around the world.

The site is built on the foundation of this blog.  Everyone at Resource Media will create, share and steward its content.  Topics will range from the success of our partners, to emerging trends in media, policy and science.  From tips and tools to boost the communications capacity of nonprofits, to calls to action for important campaigns we believe in.  From serious musings about the conservation and public health challenges we all face, to having some fun along the way.

Please spend some time clicking around and getting to know us a little better.  We invite your comments, suggestions and feedback on content — we want this digital media to be a resource you can use!

See you out there.

John Lamson