Digital and Creative Communications

Digital and creative communication is the fabric of interaction today. It’s how we reach people where they are, break through the noise, and how we move, shape, and build relationships in a way that really matters. At Resource Media, we blend our skills for visual communications, creative know-how and digital outreach with broad social issue expertise, deep commitment to equity, and laser focus on strategic campaigning. It’s a combination that steers clear of vanity metrics and roots us firmly in the work of moving the right actions, actors and narratives forward.

Our Services

  • Social, paid and earned media landscape analysis
  • Digital audits for both organizational and campaign platforms
  • Multi-platform advocacy, organizing, fundraising and narrative-building campaigning
  • Image and message testing
  • Audience insights
  • Training on digital strategy and tactics
  • Digital distribution and amplification plans
  • Branding, visual identity and narrative building
  • Infographics, data visualization and social share graphics
  • Artist and influencer partnerships
  • Podcast, photography and video production
  • Website builds and UX design

A Few Examples of our Work

OUTSIDE VOICES PODCAST — Shifting the narrative through audio storytelling

outside voices podcast

Outside Voices Podcast aims to broaden and diversify public support for conservation and outdoor recreation. Produced by Resource Media in partnership with outdoor brands, nonprofits and foundations, Outside Voices celebrates one simple idea: the outdoors belongs to all of us.

KEEP PHILLY GREEN & WATER CLEAN — Activating an online advocacy campaign

Our Facebook and Instagram ads took the wonky world of green stormwater management and grounded it in the values of Philadelphia’s diverse communities. We co-created ads with neighborhood block captains, sharing stories about green space that drove click at four times the average rate of other advertisers.

PARTNERSHIPS TO IMPROVE COMMUNITY HEALTH — Storytelling through photography and infographics

Partnerships to Improve Public Health PICH ad

With a multicultural communications approach guiding us from start to finish, we aimed to visually show the community members in South King County working to reduce health disparities. Directing community photoshoots, capturing photos in-house and compensating people for their time, Resource Media developed a photo bank and a visual system that created symmetry across videos, infographics and social graphics. The full visual library was made available for use by all community groups involved.

AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION — Testing images to learn what works best

american public health association image testing example

Will seeing a particular image make certain social media users more likely to engage and learn more about a public health research program? To find out, Resource Media partnered with the American Public Health Association to create a variety of image testing campaigns designed to raise awareness about and drive participation in the All of Us Research Program.

CENTRAL COAST ALLIANCE UNITED FOR A SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY (CAUSE) — Building a digital strategy with an artist collaboration


In the aftermath of wildfires raging throughout Southern California, Resource Media partnered with the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE) to support raising awareness for their “805 UndocuFund.” The effort aimed to help migrant workers who had lost wages, homes, and had medical expenses due to the fires. We worked with a local artist to create an image that could elevate the spirit of resilience and love of community, which we promoted using online ads that reached nearly 120,000 people.

ENVIRONMENTAL PAPER NETWORK — Creating #UnwrapTheTruth, a memorable and branded campaign


How do you get young people to care about cutting waste and using less paper? Partner with an influential artist (Kyle Platts) and build out a playful brand and creative campaign that doesn’t guilt-trip the individual consumer. Instead, our campaign asks them to #UnwrapTheTruth about their own consumption habits and offers up ways to make better consumer choices, encourages others to take part and requests that big companies to do more for the environment.

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