Media Relations and Communications in the Age of Coronavirus

April 1, 2020

We here at Resource Media have been fielding numerous questions from our partners over the past three weeks about whether to responsibly uplift their news to the media or to their supporters, or to hold off on pushing out messages and content that advances their work, in light of the current coronavirus pandemic.

As news of the global pandemic was rapidly escalating, our Resource Media colleague Refugio Mata posed the astute question to all of us here, “Are you feeding fear and panic, or resilience?” This has been our North Star for communications, especially when we raise threats and challenges in our communications: are we further stoking fear and panic? How can we instead foster resilience by coming to the table communicating and elevating solutions?

In this same spirt of feeding resilience, we want to share with you, our partners, our reflections on how to navigate this rapidly changing media and larger communications landscape as the focus of the media and concerns of the public rightfully center around the COVID-19 outbreak. Check out our “Media Relations and Communications in the Age of the Coronavirus” tipsheet to learn more.

Liz Banse, Managing Director