Plugging into more efficient energy use

October 5, 2016

As the Clean Power Plan endures legal challenges and extreme weather events fueled by climate change grip the country, it might seem as if energy efficiency is a sidebar to national energy conversations. Many may think of energy efficiency as a small, individual behavior–like screwing in a more efficient light bulb or buying a new washing machine–but few consider the impact of these personal decisions writ large (or what could happen if massive industries opt to eliminate energy waste). Truth be told, the most efficient energy resource isn’t wind or solar — it’s energy efficiency. So yes, let’s talk about it.

The desire to have this vital conversation is the reason why Resource Media is working with more than 160 organizational, business, and government partners nationwide to launch the first-ever Energy Efficiency Day. Energy efficiency should be the first option we pursue when looking to cut emissions, trim costs, and slash pollution. It’s the proverbial low-hanging fruit: cheap, fast, and proven. Given that pollution disproportionately impacts low-income neighborhoods and people of color, energy efficiency also supports  healthier, more equitable communities.

Join the conversation on Twitter. Resource Media is helping facilitate a Twitter chat this Wednesday, Oct. 5, on Energy Efficiency Day. Follow @EEDay2016 and tune into the #EEDay2016 hashtag to learn more and get engaged. Check out our handy toolkit for social media content and messaging you can share using your personal or professional accounts. This week, help us change the conversation about energy efficiency.