American Academy of Pediatrics

Introduce new ways to talk about community health

United States

The Situation

The American Academy of Pediatrics was trying to find effective ways to talk about oral health and the importance of community water fluoridation. They needed new ideas on how to push out public health recommendations in the face of growing amounts of misinformation online.

Our Role

Resource Media delivered a keynote speech at the Annual Campaign for Dental Health meeting about the science of communications to help physicians and public health groups use insights from cognitive and social science research to craft stronger messages for local fluoridation campaigns. We also worked with the American Academy of Pediatrics to improve the messaging on their Campaign for Dental Health website. We also create a series of social media ads that reframed fluoridation in a more effective light and showcased their members as authentic messengers on the topic of oral health.

The Impact

The American Academy of Pediatrics has used our guidance to develop effective messages and a more strategic presentation of facts and evidence on the Campaign for Dental Health website. The social media posts that we developed have been localized and shared widely around the United States to build support for oral health and water fluoridation.