Supply Chain Lessons from the Field

Cutting-edge, deep-dive research on corporate campaigns that successfully target the supply chains of big brands.


Resource Media’s research is timely, valuable and succinct. It provides a how-to for corporate campaigners, and includes especially useful insights from leaders in the field.
Jim Ace, Stand
Corporate Accountability Campaigner
The Situation

Brands really do rule the world these days, and smart sustainability advocates around the globe are racking up major wins by going directly to the companies whose influence has grown so outsized in recent decades.

Our Role

With generous support from the Packard Foundation, we set out to understand what makes these campaigns so rockin’, and particularly what kinds of communications approaches, strategies and tools the best of them are using. Our research is now complete, and packaged in this nifty report.

The Impact

As more, and more diverse, NGO’s consider a corporate campaign/supply chain approach, our work offers a comprehensive resource for communications strategies and tactics. Already, many partners have deployed this guidance, including the great folks at the Business Action Network, who are bringing this work to their members engaged in private sector campaigns across the country.