Seizing the day

December 7, 2017

Our friends and longtime partners at Carpe Diem West have some great stories to tell, and they’ve put them all into a beautiful storytelling site at a time when many of us really need some good news.

“Climate Chaos, Resilient Solutions” is all about water in the West, and climate change – two topics that aren’t getting a whole lot of positive press, and for good reason. Catastrophic fires are raging across the region, killing people, communities and ecosystems. Meanwhile, the folks in charge in DC are hell-bent on stripping whatever land and water protections they can from communities across the country. It’s a challenging time indeed, and at these times, it’s time to light a metaphorical candle in the darkness. Thanks to Carpe Diem West for doing that.

What we most love about these stories is that they all focus not just on protecting and restoring clean water, but on how communities can do that in an equitable, just, and visionary way. From a video-based campaign to tell the stories of Latino communities and the Colorado River, to the City of Seattle’s equity focused utility planning, the solutions are out there.

Top: The Nature Conservancy Left: Bill Hatcher/Sonoran Institute Right: The Nature Conservancy

Photo credits: Top: The Nature Conservancy Left: Bill Hatcher/Sonoran Institute Right: The Nature Conservancy

The drumbeat of bad news about water quality, protections for public lands, Indigenous land rights, and civil rights is likely to continue. But what’s also likely to continue is the beautiful resistance in so many communities, and the perseverance of those working for local solutions that will, we hope, outlast the current administration’s folly. Long may this work shine with its examples of determination, concern for future generations, and creativity in some very overwhelming times.

Speaking of, this report only included 7 stories – we know so many more are out there and we’d love to hear from you about your favorite, so we can spread the word, and spread some light, this December.

Belinda Griswold

Photo credit: Amy S. Martin Photography