Supply Chain Communications

Lessons from the Field

Brands really do rule the world these days, and smart campaigners around the globe are developing innovative strategies to achieve climate and other conservation goals by going directly to the companies whose influence has grown so outsized in recent decades.

Because of massive shifts in technology, media and global markets, companies are far more vulnerable to public pressure using brand image as the lever than they were even a decade ago. This new vulnerability is a great leverage point for strategies that target the supply chains of major brands and corporate players, supply chains that usually have far larger environmental impacts than the direct activities of the corporations themselves.

Most of these campaigns and partnerships have a sophisticated communications strategies and tactical approaches, and many campaigners were generous enough to share their lessons with us for our new report, funded by the Packard Foundation. Check out the report, join us for a webinar on May 19, and let us know how your campaigns and initiatives are winning, or losing (because that information is JUST as valuable to the rest of the movement) with these kinds of approaches!


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“In 1973, 83 percent of the value of a company was based on tangible assets, such as factories, production lines and fleets of vehicles. Today, 81 percent of the value of a company is based on intangible assets, reputation and brand value.”
– Jason Clay, WWF

There are three hallmarks of winning supply chain campaigns! Strategy, targeting & communications all play a role.


Resource Media is hosting an upcoming webinar to explore our work with supply chains. Please join us on May 19 for Supply Chain Lessons from the Field. Please RSVP here – hope to see you then!