Seeing is Believing


At the heart of every social cause is the need to connect with people; to inspire, convince, and prompt them to take action or change behaviors. It is a tall order. Words, even carefully chosen words, are almost never enough. Time and time again we have seen it is pictures that make the difference.

Science shows us that our brains are wired to respond first to visual input. Images are the pathway to human emotions, and emotions govern how people make decisions.

Seeing is Believing, Resource Media’s best practices guide on visual storytelling, gives you the latest research and tools to address this communications blind spot. Download the guide to learn how you can put pictures to work for your organization or your cause.

We also invite you to share your own success stories, best practices, questions and lessons learned. Our goal is to create a learning community that will make us all more adept at tapping the power of pictures.  Drop us a line at