What’s your message? This worksheet just made your job easier.

October 22, 2014

We are in throes of campaign season as candidates rush from event to event to gin up votes as we get closer to Election Day. Every one of those candidates who is successful on November 4 will probably have carefully crafted a message that resonates with their pool of voters. Issue campaigns succeed or fail based on how attuned the communications managers are to how their audience will react to the message they are pushing out.

Have you given your project communications a tune-up recently? Do you feel confident that you’ve ticked off all the important boxes to make sure your message doesn’t fall apart on your own campaign trail? Here to save the day is Resource Media’s latest addition to the Tool Box:  a Message Worksheet designed to make your job easier and your campaign even more effective.

This is no Build-A-Bear workshop, but it’s close. It’s the Build-A-Message Worksheet! We’ll take you from clearly articulating your goal to identifying your audience and what they care about (no need to sell your soul, we are talking about your shared values!) to naming the threat that will get the attention of your audience. You’ll get them off the couch with an inspiring solution and call to action. Last, but not least, the worksheet won’t let you forget that every message needs to be reinforced with a visual.

Go forth and toot your horn! If you have other ideas for worksheets that work, please send them our way.