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Aileo Weinmann – Sr. Program Director


Amy Frykman – Vice President

Amy Frykman x

Antinette Jackson – Finance Director

Antinette Jackson x

Belinda Griswold – Sr. Program Director

Belinda Griswold x

Ben Long – Sr. Program Director

Ben Long x

Brendan McLaughlin – Managing Program Director

Brendan McLaughlin x

Cat Lazaroff – Managing Program Director

Cat Lazaroff x

Collin Dunn – Digital Program Director


Eric Frankowski – Sr. Program Director

Eric Frankowski x

Jade Begay – Sustainability & Justice Communications Fellow


Jeff Cappella – Sr. Program Director

2014 headshot cappella

John Lamson – Executive Vice President

John Lamson x

Julie Dixon – Sr. Program Director

Julie Dixon x

Liz Banse – Vice President

Liz Banse x

Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš – Partner


Marcela Gara – Digital Campaign Coordinator


Mark Glyde – Managing Program Director

Mark Glyde x

Marla Wilson- Program Director

Marla 4

Mikhaila Fendor – Grants Manager

Mikhaila Bio Photo

Nicole Lampe – Vice President

Nicole.Lampe x

Refugio Mata – Program Director


Sarah Shimazaki – Program Assistant

Sarah1 bio

Scott Miller- President

Scott Miller

Teresa Guillien – Managing Program Director