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Resource Media’s Climate Team is helping to bring climate change home: to the dinner table, the utility bill, and family health. We help scientists and policy advocates communicate the impacts of a changing climate in ways that build public support for meaningful mitigation and adaptation strategies. From report releases to town hall meetings, Twitter parties to video series, Resource Media is working to educate policy makers and opinion leaders. Our staff have trained IPCC scientists, managed a blogger campaign for the United Nations Earth Summit, and tweeted live from the White House. Across the nation and the world, we are working with the groups shaping federal and global climate, development and family planning policies.


Cat Lazaroff


Clean Power Plan: Idea Book (PDF) > & Terminology (PDF) >
Perils of playing with (wild) fire >
On Our Minds. Suddenly, Women are Hot Again >
Thanksgiving Infographic (PDF) >
The Ghost of Christmas Past Infographic (PDF) >


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