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While the news business is changing every day, the influence of media giants like the New York Times and NPR is undiminished. Resource Media’s team of former reporters and seasoned PR pros understand what journalists need, and can help frame and place your story to maximize visibility and impact. From list building to pitching, spokesperson training to social networking, we do it all. And because our staff are issue experts in their own right, they often have existing relationships with press that cover your topic, and can leverage trend stories, emerging research, or alternative voices to make your news even more timely and relevant.


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Fighting Costly Coal Contamination in the Nevada Desert

S3_NotInMyBackyard2Take I-15 northeast from Las Vegas and about 50 miles into the desert you’ll come across the Reid Gardner coal-fired…LEARN MORE

A Blow-out of Epic Proportions

S2_BlowOutOfEpicProportions2Jennifer Aniston. TV anchorwomen. My friend Kristie. What do they all have in common besides their beautiful faces? Gorgeous, sleek…LEARN MORE

Food Not Fuel

S18_FoodNotFuel1When conservation organizations banded together to fight a decades-old subsidy for corn ethanol, lawmakers took notice. When those advocates joined…LEARN MORE