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From full-scale media audits and analysis to brief scans of online conversation, Resource Media’s research services help to orient our communications efforts and those of our partners. We look at traditional and digital coverage to identify opportunities and threats, and map the press and opinion landscape around issues ranging from the Endangered Species Act to energy efficiency. Resource Media also partners with public opinion researchers to shape polls and focus groups that get at the right information to inform messaging and other communications tactics.


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The Dirty Business of Coal Export

S16_DirtyBusinessOfCoalExport1With demand for coal-fired power declining in the U.S., coal companies have hatched a new plan to expand their business:…LEARN MORE

Bridging the Divide in Idaho

B1_IdahoRiley_BigCreekMikeBeagleIn 2006, a New York real estate developer bankrolled an Idaho ballot initiative, Proposition 2, to gut local planning and…LEARN MORE

A Better Farm Bill

B18_IowaFarmBillMost Americans want U.S. food and farm policies to support healthy eating, family farms and clean water. Advocates working to…LEARN MORE