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Sian Wu – Senior Program Director


Most likely to: Order the weirdest thing on the menu

If I ruled the world: All Olympics correspondents would be required to learn the correct pronunciations of everybody’s names.

What I’m working on: Building capacity for local Washington state nonprofits working on climate, water and social justice issues.

What I bring to the table: I bring a healthy dose of skepticism that helps ensure that story pitches and social engagement ideas meet a high bar for uptake. I push for newer, catchier, quicker and more influential for creative strategy, social engagement and earned media projects.

Path to RM: I started off at the entry level after finding the Resource Media job on Craig’s List. I worked my way up, working on land use, oceans and public health campaigns at the dawn of blogging and social media. I left to work for four years at a the creative social marketing and PR agency C+C, where I brought my skills as a seasoned story pitcher, while taking on new video, social and multicultural projects for clients such as the EPA, King County and the Department of Energy. Now after a successful poaching effort, I’m back.

Favorite moment: Hanging out with Chris O’Dowd and Aziz Ansari and then seeing Chris make Aziz ride the elevator with all the loser PR people while he went to go hang out with Amanda Seyfried. Poor Aziz.

Other things I’m passionate about: Spending time with my two boys and husband, cat Jadoo, my southeast Seattle community and the separation of church and state.

office: Seattle
email: sian [at]
phone: 206.374.7795 x102
twitter: @sian_i_am