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Lazy, selfish, entitled millennials: Your new target audience

January 27, 2016
I don’t normally consider myself representative of my generation. I pride myself on my “old soul” that superficially separates me from my “lazy, selfish and entitled” peers. But after seeing a recent Huffington Post article proving once again that I belong to the “giving generation,” I’m just about shout-from-the-rooftop proud…

Building Your Tweet Cred: Part 2

January 14, 2016
A How-To Guide For Nonprofits For Part I of this two-part series, click here Part 2: Develop Your Twitter Strategy You’ve created a profile with a robust bio and stirring visuals, and now you know the lingo. It’s time to think about what you want to accomplish. Step 1: Identify…

Building Your Tweet Cred: Part 1

January 11, 2016
A How-To Guide For Nonprofits To download the full guide, click here. With over 300 million monthly users, Twitter has quickly become the platform of choice for many nonprofits seeking to reach their followers. By creating a well-designed Twitter account, organizations can tell their story, engage communities, enlarge their volunteer…

4 Tips Non-profits Can Learn at an Interactive Conference

January 7, 2016
What’s an interactive conference, you ask? It’s a two-day event bringing people together to discuss how online technology, creativity and emerging trends are being used to drive marketing campaigns, collect data and frame stories for clients – just to name a few. Attendees range from entrepreneurs to designers and developers,…

Interview: Amy Gulick, Conservation Photographer

Black Bear and Salmon
Anan Creek
Tongass National Forest
January 6, 2016
Conservation photographer Amy Gulick, a founding fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and longtime friend of Resource Media’s, has been named a finalist in the London Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, one of the most prestigious nature photography contests in the world. Amy’s image…

A Visual Way to Have a Say on Energy

December 17, 2015
When you buy a product or service you can mostly get what you want, right? For instance, with a new car purchase you can prioritize things like gas mileage, safety or other features in accordance with your values and needs. Now what about your home’s electricity -- is your money…

How to Make Memes For Twitter

make it pop
December 8, 2015
Millions of photos are uploaded to Twitter every single day. It is apparent that people really enjoy sharing and retweeting quotes, memes, and images of their meals, children, pets, and projects! But, before you throw yourself into the fray, here are some tips on how to post pix like a…

Your place for the perfect pattern

December 3, 2015
Just like a fashion designer needs a good fabric store, web designers need a solid selection of high quality patterns and textures. You can try making your own designs or scouring the web for hi-res Public Domain pics, or you can choose from the 400+ professionally designed patterns at…

How to resize images for social media

November 6, 2015
There’s nothing more disappointing than a perfect graphic severed by social media. From cover photos to Twitter pictures, Facebook posts to Pinterest thumbnails, every outlet has different places for images with slightly different dimensions. The last thing you want is your main message cut in half because your picture doesn’t…

#IAmAScientistBecause: Scientists tell us why they do what they do

October 14, 2015
Hashtags on Twitter were originally designed to help users sort, filter and follow niche or trending issues. Twitter users are coming up with new and creative ways to use hashtags, including launching social memes that capture our imagination, move us or simply make us smile. We want to shout out…

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