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Visual Story Lab
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The Super Bowl is here and we’ll be watching commercials – here’s why

January 29, 2015
The Super Bowl is around the corner and Resource Medians have their favorites. We’re not disclosing our favorites should that prevent some of you from reading any further! As communications specialists, though, everyone at Resource Media can agree on one thing: the commercials are worth watching and worth analyzing to…

Top viral visuals of 2014

ice bucket 1
December 18, 2014
It’s been quite a year for those of us interested in visual communications. From protests to catcalls, and some puppies thrown in for good measure, 2014 brought us powerful stuff to chew on. Here are some of the ones that stuck with us the most.         Ice…

3 lessons from testing images and appeals for online action in 2014

December 17, 2014
Are you planning some website ads or Facebook post promotion in 2015 to try to reach beyond your group’s base, maybe expand your list a little or motivate some broader participation in an online action? I’ve taken a look back at three online ad projects we ran in 2014 to…

Photo fail? 15 no-fail stock photo sites

December 1, 2014
It’s happened to all of us. You have a photo that works perfectly for your project but there’s a problem: You don’t own the rights to it. Next step, you try Flickr. Again, no luck. Sometimes – gasp – you have to buy a photo! What are your options? No…

Humans of New York: A big city reclaims its community through visual storytelling

November 10, 2014
Has "Humans of ___" come to your city yet? It all started when a guy named Brandon Stanton had an idea to take photos of New York City citizens and pin their photos on a map to create a visual representation of his participants’ locations. Humans of New York is…

Dear Forest Service: Today’s John Muir shoots video

October 13, 2014
The US Forest Service has waltzed into a political minefield over its requirement that journalists and bloggers obtain permits to shoot pictures and video in Congressionally designated wilderness areas. The agency appears to not know where to step, lest it trigger another explosion. Here is some friendly advice: Abandon course.…

Social impact: How do you measure it?

October 6, 2014
“The best story, sitting on a shelf, does nothing. Simply ‘raising awareness’ without a strategic plan will accomplish little more. How can anyone hoping to affect change through their creative work plan for success and know if they are succeeding? We'll hear from a diverse group of communication experts about…

Five visual communications tips for the digital age

September 22, 2014
Oxford English Dictionary dubbed 2013 the year of the selfie. Experts predict nearly a trillion photos will be taken in 2014. With a camera in every smartphone, and Snapchat and Instagram growing gangbusters, one might think technology was fueling this photo boom. But our passion for pictures is as old…

Using visuals to communicate size and scale

September 8, 2014
Just how big is the Great Barrier Reef? A quick Google search will tell you that it is approximately 2300 kilometers long and covers 344,400 square kilometers. That’s pretty big. But, just how big? It is difficult for people to wrap their head around large and obscure numbers. Grounding numbers…

5 best practices for photo captions that sing

August 25, 2014
Think about your blog posts. They probably include a photo or two. Hopefully authentic ones from your work. Perhaps taken by staff or volunteers, or crowdsourced from supporters.  If we’re describing your website, congratulations! You are already taking huge steps to draw supporters’ eyes and touch their hearts with smart…

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