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Visual Story Lab
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Watermarking photos for Twitter success

May 27, 2015
Have you ever faced the challenge of squeezing a complicated tweet into 140 characters? And then if you add a photo or visual, it takes up even more space and you find yourself without enough room to credit the photographer appropriately, while also giving context to the link. Twitter’s unique…

How to use

May 11, 2015
Have you ever seen a great infographic on social media and wished you could make one for you own organization? Well now you can., and online infographic generator makes it easy to express your data in a visually captivating way. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, infographics are a…

Infinite icons from The Noun Project

March 24, 2015
Whether you are creating an infographic, illustration, brand, or logo, clear and concise icons can make visual communication easy. But designing a simple clean icon can be harder than it looks, and finding useable images online can be even trickier. Enter The Noun Project, an easy to use online goldmine…

With body language, the power is in the palm of your hands

March 9, 2015
With just a wave of his palm, Allan Pease was able to convince his audience to follow his instructions. No, he was not using the force, at least not in the Star Wars sense. From his TEDx Talk however, we find out that when speaking to an audience, the way…

Shedding new light on energy efficiency

March 4, 2015
When you do a Google image search on energy efficiency, what comes up? You guessed it - a whole lot of CFL light bulbs. Our current visual vocabulary for energy efficiency is woefully inadequate for the task of inspiring Americans to save energy. Good visuals are essential to successful outreach…

Picture yourself with us: How supporter photos add a new edge to canvassing

March 2, 2015
We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words but a new experiment conducted by Amnesty International suggests that it might also be worth over a million dollars in donations. Canvassers for the organization recently added one simple step to their recruitment strategy in Toronto: photographing new supporters.…

A comeback story deserves a great website

February 26, 2015
As we’ve said elsewhere on this blog, visuals and personal stories are powerful tools to help connect people emotionally to important issues. The new Great Lakes Impact website—launched yesterday by the Joyce Foundation—combines strong visuals and human-centric stories to draw viewers into the progress that’s been made in recent years…

The “eyes” have it: why your photos should make eye contact

February 23, 2015
We’ve all received the advice, “make eye contact!” But it turns out there’s psychological and scientific backing to this maxim, and it holds true for good impressions and visual storytelling. Researchers from the Cornell University Food and Brand lab surveyed 86 different cereal box characters and found that 57 gazed…

Times New Roman or Calibri? Your choice may spell success or failure for your communication

February 9, 2015
You know that restaurants put a lot of effort into making decisions, such as creating atmosphere and choosing what dishes to serve, but did you know that includes choosing fonts for menus and more? Researchers have found that font choices impact whether customers will stop to read a message, and…

The Super Bowl is here and we’ll be watching commercials – here’s why

January 29, 2015
The Super Bowl is around the corner and Resource Medians have their favorites. We’re not disclosing our favorites should that prevent some of you from reading any further! As communications specialists, though, everyone at Resource Media can agree on one thing: the commercials are worth watching and worth analyzing to…

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