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Visual Story Lab
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The science of Instagram

September 19, 2016
Whether you are on Instagram or just thinking of exploring it, we have some tips to share! For these we thank Dan Zarrella, social media scientist and author of a study on “The Science of Instagram.” In this study of almost 1.5 million Instagram photos from half a million users,…

The ethics of gathering good visual stories

August 31, 2016
Those of us who work in communications know that stories—especially stories about individuals—can be extremely effective tools to build support for social impact. And photos and video help audiences connect emotionally with individuals featured in good stories. There are plenty of online guides for effective storytelling and using strong visuals. But…

How Drones Can Help Tell Your Story

CC Andrew Xu
July 27, 2016
As cameras have become smaller and lighter, we have entered into a whole new realm of photographic possibilities. In fact, some of them can even fly. Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking about drones. It’s no surprise drones are becoming more popular than ever before. They provide new perspective and…

Find the Perfect Color Palette using Pictaculous

June 22, 2016
When creating a webpage, brochure, or almost any publicity materials for your organization, you are likely to include at least one photo per page. Photos are a great way to communicate information and emotions to your audience quickly, and studies have shown that people remember images much longer than text.…

Not Plagiarism? How About Copyright Infringement?

June 9, 2016
Given the ease of finding images on the internet, it is not surprising that people rarely think about where they came from. People may think twice however, if they knew that downloading an image without consent might be illegal. Seems easy enough to fix, right? As it turns out, just…

8 Must Knows for Building your Organization’s Instagram Account

May 25, 2016
Nowadays, there’s a plethora of social networks, but Instagram has quickly become one of the leading platforms with over 400 million users -  59 percent of whom open the app each day. And for good reason, too. With it’s image-driven posts, fun photo filters and recent video updates, people are…

Adobe’s Slate will change the way you tell stories

May 11, 2016
Adobe released a new application for telling stories last year, and as with most new releases by the company, the technological playing field is now changing. If you are looking for new ways to tell stories about the work you do, or the people you help, we encourage you to…

Imagery inspiration

April 29, 2016
Image from Gratitude Revealed video project, by Louie Schwartzberg “Imagery has come to be an expectation for people,” says Susan Cadrecha, communications manager for Google Maps. Has it ever. But for communicators without Google’s resources (the company took 9,500 photos at the Grand Canyon for trail-view of hikes), the constant…

Tips for planning your next visual project

April 13, 2016
A worksheet you can use for visual project planning is available for download at Good image research starts with thoughtful planning to identify goals and desired outcomes for the communications outreach, target audiences and the channels needed to reach them, and the interests and values of your audiences. A…

Use images your audience can recognize as local

April 4, 2016
This visual promoted to Facebook users in Utah sparked strong participation in an online action on clean energy. The vista is easily recognizable to Utahns as local to their state. In Resource Media’s qualitative and quantitative image-testing projects, certain findings turn up repeatedly. One of our key takeaways from our…

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